A lot of talks has been ongoing regarding the introduction of the new 165lbs division in UFC. The new division will replace the declining flyweight which has not done so well in the recent past.  The exit of Demetrious Johnson who’s a long-reigning champion and the firing of Jose Torres, among others proves that there is more than meets the eye.

The 165lbs division will accommodate the people that are too small to fit in welterweight or too big to fit in lightweight. Among the fighters that would fit in the 165lbs division are Donald Cerrone, Gunnar Nelson, Rafael dos Anjos, and Khabis Nurmagomedove, among others.

Dana White claims that the introduction of the new 165 division is ‘bullshit’ and that they’ve not yet discussed about it. However, this does not mean that this is not going to happen. Dana has spoken against a lot of developments in the UFC but this did not stop them from happening. In most cases, what he opposes the most tends to be what will actually happen.

According to Michael Chiesa, the 165lbs division will be convenient as fighters will not have to struggle to lose a lot of weight to fit in the flyweights in order to compete. He says that the 15-pounds gaps between the flyweight and the 185 division is too much.

With the new division, there will no longer be a need for the massive weight cut among fighters in order to compete. The tendency of high-profile fighters missing out due to weight issues will be over as they will fit in in this new 165 division.

Though it is not yet clear when the new division will be launched, the truth is, it is going to happen at some time. According to Ben Askren, Dana White’s opposition to the new division is what will push the UFC to speed up its introduction. They did the same when Dana opposed the women’s division.