For most upcoming MMA fighters, wearing a headgear when training seems to be a bother and this makes them prefer training without them. There are others that think headgear looks dorky and would do anything to train without it. When an MMA fighter wears a headgear that does not fit properly, it will move around when training and this will prompt him to remove the headgear.

After rolling on the training mat for some time without headgear, the fighters will develop cauliflower ears. Their opponents will take advantage of the lack of headgear to constantly hit their ears. With time, the MMA fighter will develop clotting of blood and this will, in turn, inhibit the flow of nutrients towards the ears.

AS the ear injury heals, the ear could shrivel upwards and fold itself in a cauliflower-like shape. This is why the condition is referred to as cauliflower ears.

Any MMA fighter who fails to get treatment for an ear injury on time will get a permanent deformity. The cartilage will die due to lack of adequate blood supply and this will make the ear to have a pale appearance. The only way an MMA fighter can improve the appearance of his ear is to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

To prevent the ear from such permanent damage, it is advisable for MMA fighters to wear a properly-fitting headgear every time when training. Though it will feel like a burden to start with, it will protect the ears from getting a permanent damage. They will not have to spend sleepless nights as a result of pain in their ears.

If they fail to do this, the ear will develop a complication and this will keep them from their training. The treatment will also cost more compared to the amount they would have spent if they had taken care of the complication in its initial stage.