There are a lot of potential GOAT candidates but no one is close to where Jon Jones is. Though he is faced with a lot of controversies including a failed drug tests, he is one fighter that will keep winning. In the mixed martial arts history, 31-year-old Jon Jones has a prominent position and has not lost in the last 15 fights.

Jon Jones is considered as the best MMA fighter in the heavyweight division globally. The only fight he’s lost is the DQ though this does not count as an actual loss as he could have won. His height puts him at an advantage against his opponents as it enables him to dominate even the most skilled fighters.

Jon also has a go-getter attitude that allows him to compete against more talented fighters like Alexander Gustafson. In this particular fight, he was beaten but he did not give up and this made him win. He has a lot of stamina that makes it possible for him to withstand pressure and still emerge victorious.

Based on the outcome of his fight with Alexander Gustafson, it is clear that Jon Jones would have a hard time in retaining the GOAT title if he is grouped with people of the same height as him. But based on his previous records, he will most likely outshine his opponents if he is grouped with the heavyweights.

Since his return from suspension, Jon Jones has intensified his training which makes it quite easy for him to win his matches. He has faster moves that most heavyweights and his skills are on a higher level. One of the MMA champions Anderson Silva once said he would not compete against Jon Jones which further portrays him as very good. This is why Jon Jones is the GOAT as he has managed to emerge victorious against all odds.