A Case for the UFC 165 Division

Since the weight-cutting became such a hot topic in a combat sport, the fighters were left with no other choice but to request more divisions. For over a year, MMA News has recorded fighters such as Kevin Lee, publicly lobbying for additional categories. One of these divisions is the highly rumored 165-pound division.

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While the contenders, as well as the fans like this idea of forming such division, Dana White, the president of UFC, is completely against it.

Especially to the fighters, the formation makes much sense. To them, such division will help to bring various superstars from multiple divisions together. The 165-pound division would also take care of a much long-lasting fear of potential neglect of some fighters. Although there is a huge amount of options, there only are 10 slots available to fill. This leaves the contestants with not much chances to win a belt.

Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier, both 155-pound contenders, claimed they would fight for the 165-pound belt if such category were created. However, the claim was dismissed by Dana White shortly after.

The potential of the 165-pound division is beyond recognizable. Not only the contestants want to participate in this category battles, but it will also give the UFC yet another title to book more shows.

The recent MMA News acknowledged the recent discussions regarding all the lightweight fighters’ struggle to make the limit at lightweight.

Today, it is more possible than ever before that UFC might entertain a 165-pound division in the near future. The existence of 165-pound division will lead to better fights inside the ring since the fighters will be at a more productive and healthy weight. The rivals will enjoy it, and there is no denying the fans would also love to see this happening.

If constructed the top 10 promising fighters to take place in this division would be huge names such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Dustin Poirier, Kevin Lee, Nate Diaz, Michael Chiesa, Rafael dos Anjos, Jorge Masvidal, Donald Cerrone, Gunnar Nelson, and George St-Pierre.

It is a win-win situation that is seemingly desired by everyone else but the UFC. The championship keeps suspending the idea, and no one really reveals why. The still unknown reason to the public and the fans desire to see this happening, remains a yet-to-be-seen decision of the UFC organization.

As for now, the mythical rumors about the formation of the 165-pound division never came to life. If it ever happens, it is believed for this category to immediately become of the UFC’s best and most watched divisions ever.